Ragdoll Cats Cuddly Lap Kitties

Ragdolls trace origins to a white longhaired cat named Josephine who displayed extreme docility after an injury.


Attractive colorpointed coats with white mittens, boots, chests. Soft semi-long fur lacks thick undercoat so requires little grooming.


True lap cats, Ragdolls relax limply over owners acting more canine than feline. Affectionate, gentle, trusting natures


Given peaceful personas, prosper best indoors alongside their special person. Do well with other relaxed pets. 


Despite large size maintain kittenish energy into adulthood, enjoying interactive games and wand play which aids bonding while preventing obesity.


Prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy making twice annual vet exams advised. Diligent dental and dermatological care promotes longevity.


For those seeking unwaveringly devoted furry companions to cuddle beside them for hours - Ragdoll cats promise perfectly matched

Perfect Pals

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