Protective and Alert Dog Breeds for Security

Renowned for intelligence, trainability and versatility, German Shepherds are premier police and military working dogs. 

German Shepherd 

Known for acute hearing and intelligence, the powerful and athletic Doberman Pinscher serves as an intimidating deterrent to intruders

Doberman Pinscher

Boasting strength, endurance and obedience, the self-assured Rottweiler has natural guarding instincts 


As a cross between Bulldogs and Mastiffs, Bullmastiffs exhibit impressive size and strength along with a reliable yet docile temperament 


While friendly and energetic, the Boxer's strong protective instinct and renown as a capable military working dog establishes


As a mastiff breed, the Cane Corso possesses a commanding presence and responsive nature that serves as an imposing 

Cane Corso

Originally bred to guard Japanese royals, the courageous, powerful and alert Akita exhibits unwavering loyalty which makes them ideal watchdogs.


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