Persian Cats Floppy-Eared Furballs

Persians originate from Iran, spreading in popularity across the world by the 19th century. Early breeding lead to their flatter faces


Distinguished by their long, lush coats, sweet facial expressions, and laidback demeanors. While come in many coat colors and patterns


Persians live to be lap cats - placid, easygoing companions that thrive on human interaction inside a calm environment. 


All that luxurious fur requires regular grooming - daily combing prevents mats and minimizes shedding. 


Brachycephalic features can cause breathing issues. Monitor for signs of infection and keep home air moisture levels up. 


With attentive care and regular vet checkups, Persian cats enjoy a typical lifespan of 10-15 years. 


For those seeking a statuesque, even-tempered companion that enjoys lounging by their side while filling the home with beauty and grace

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