Owning Giant Dog Breeds 

Their size demands more calories. Giant breeds eat far more than average dogs, with costs averaging $90-$120 monthly.


Their sheer size necessitates adequate indoor and outdoor space. Large crates, custom beds and plenty of room to move are essential inside.


Giant breeds’ rapid growth puts pressure on still developing joints. This predisposes them to elbow and hip dysplasia.

Health Risks

From oversized crates, beds and preventatives to large breed veterinary care, giant dog ownership costs thousands 


Despite size, most giants have moderate exercise needs, although some daily outdoor play is ideal. 

Exercise Needs 

Contrary to imposing looks, most extra-large breeds have placid, patient temperaments, although some guardian breeds may require extensive socialization. 


Sadly, their substantial size comes with tradeoffs; giant breed lifespans average just 6-8 years versus 10-15 years for smaller dogs. 


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