Owning Energetic Dog Breeds

Active breeds have boundless stamina requiring vigorous daily exercise to stay happy and healthy.  

Endless Energy

These breeds thrive when given jobs or challenging tasks tapping into their problem-solving abilities.  

Demanding Activity

Their high activity levels mean bigger appetites to fuel all that energy. Factor in higher food costs.

Hearty Appetites  

Their drive to work means more destructive chewing without enough physical and mental engagement.   

Chew Aler

They crave constant company and abound with affection for their loved ones.  

Social Butterflies   

With intelligence to spare, training is a must to prevent mischief and misbehavior.   

Smarty Pants  

Their talent for escape means secure yards/leashes are a must when outdoors off leash.   

Houdini Hounds   

Puppy Training Pitfalls to Dodge