Natural Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding at Home 

Brush your dog's coat thoroughly at least twice per week to remove loose hair before it sheds around your home.

Brush Regularly

Bathing your dog every 2-3 months with a mild shampoo will help loosen and remove excess fur without drying out their skin.

Bathe Occasionally   

Feeding your dog high-quality food with omega fatty acids helps improve coat health and minimizes seasonal shedding. Consider fish

Improve Diet   

Oral supplements with vitamin E, omega oils and antioxidants supports skin & coat condition to reduce shedding. 

Try Supplements  

Special deshedding tools with serrated edges can remove loose undercoat hair easily without discomfort when used properly.

Use Deshedding Tools

Schedule professional grooming every 6-8 weeks ensures thorough brushing and hair removal that is difficult to achieve at home.

Groom Regularly   

Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter routinely to clean up shed fur on floors, furniture, dog beds and other problem areas. 

Vacuum Often  

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