Hypoallergenic Dogs For People With Allergies

A classic non-shedding breed available in toy, miniature and standard sizes. Smart, affectionate and energetic. 


An active breed with wavy, non-shedding fur. Needs plenty of exercise but minimal grooming.  

Portuguese Water Dog 

A small companion breed with a playful spirit. Thrives on quality time with their owner and requires little outdoor space.  


Tiny low-shedding dogs that show endless affection towards families. Adapts well to apartment living.  


Distinctive, allergy friendly dogs that shed minimally. Requires daily brisk walks and interactive play.   

Irish Water Spaniel  

Includes miniature, standard and giant sizes. Double coats do not shed and need consistent grooming. Great watch dogs.  


Spunky, friendly terriers with soft, wavy coats that rarely shed. Require regular bathing/grooming to prevent skin irritation.

Wheaten Terrier

Dog Breeds With the Biggest Popularity Spikes