How to Train Your Dog to Stay

Embark on the journey of training your dog to 'Stay.' Begin with short sessions, utilizing treats to reinforce positive behavior. Make learning enjoyable for your furry friend.

Basic Commands

Teaching 'Stay' requires patience. Start with brief intervals, gradually extending the duration. Reward your dog for holding the position. Consistency is key for success.


Focus on correct positioning. Guide your dog into a 'Stay' stance using treats. Consistent reinforcement creates a strong association between the command and the behavior.


Implement a reward system. Praise and treats for each successful 'Stay.' Positive reinforcement strengthens your dog's understanding and compliance with the command.

Positive Reinforcement

Introduce controlled distractions during 'Stay' sessions. This builds resilience, teaching your dog to remain focused despite external stimuli.

Distraction Challenges

Take 'Stay' training beyond your home. Practice in different environments, reinforcing your dog's ability to stay in various situations.

Real-world Application

Reinforce 'Stay' regularly, even after mastery. Consistent training ensures your dog becomes adept at holding the position. Make 'Stay' an integral part of your training routine.

Consistent Practice

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