How to Safely Break Up a Dogfight

Quickly evaluate the situation, keeping a safe distance. Look for signs of aggression and identify potential triggers.


Use loud noises or throw a blanket over the dogs to divert their attention. This may break the intensity of the conflict.


Carefully intervene using long objects like a broom or stick to create distance between the dogs. Avoid using your hands.


Spray water on the dogs using a hose or a water-filled spray bottle. Most dogs dislike water, and it can help break their focus.


If the situation escalates, call for assistance. Have someone else call local animal control or the police while you focus on the dogs.

Call for Help

After the incident, consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to address underlying issues and prevent future conflicts.

Seek Professional Guidance

Recognize and address signs of tension between dogs. Training, proper socialization, and responsible ownership can prevent dogfights.

Preventive Measures

Master the Art of Dog’s Focus Training