Fixing Your Dog's Bad Behavior For Good

Ignore the barking, reward quiet times, provide boredom breakers, use citronella/ultrasonic devices to control excessive vocalization.


Provide approved chew toys, use bitter spray deterrents, crate train when away, exercise adequately to satisfy chewing instinct.


Turn and stand still when jumped on, reward 4 paws on floor, practice obedience cues for permission, avoid encouraging the behavior.  


Slowly desensitize to triggers, build positive associations, firmly correct aggressive acts, neuter males, use calming supplements.


Avoid emotional greetings/goodbyes, provide stimulating toys when leaving, introduce short alone times to build independence, use calming aids.

Separation Anxiety

Provide a designated digging area, block off tempting areas, exercise and play more to burn energy, bring indoors when unattended.


Stick to a firm schedule, reward outside potty, manage carefully when inside, clean all accidents with enzymatic products.  

House Training 

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