Essential Tips for Caring for Your Tiny Canine

Consult your vet to understand the ideal nutrition, calories, and feeding schedule your particular small dog needs to thrive. Don't free feed.

Proper Diet

Choose toys meant for small breeds to avoid choking hazards. Supervise play sessions and replace damaged toys.

Safe Toys  

Provide a cozy dog bed with high walls and warming elements to allow tiny pups to burrow and rest their joints. Wash bedding routinely.  

Comfy Bed

Short, frequent walks and indoor play encourage activity without overexertion. Adjust exercise plans for senior toy dogs.


Brush tiny teeth using a finger brush and dog-safe toothpaste. Schedule regular dental cleanings.

 Dental Health

Use a soft brush made for small dogs when grooming. Trim nails carefully every 2-3 weeks. Clean eyes, ears, and wrinkles gently.


Limit time outdoors in extreme cold or heat. Provide sweaters or cooling pads. Adjust home temperatures for indoor tiny dogs.

Climate Control

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