Dog Chewing Why They Do It    

Puppies chew during teething to relieve sore gums but grow out of it by one year old.  

Teething Troubles

Dogs may chew to self-soothe anxiety or stress. Create a calmer environment.   

Easing Anxiety 

Inactive dogs chew for stimulation. Provide interactive puzzles and playtime.  

Boredom Busters

High energy dogs use chewing to burn pent up energy if underexercised. Up the activity.  

Excess Energy  

Have your vet evaluate if new destructive chewing results from pain or illness.

Medical Causes   

Interesting smells/tastes inspire chewing to explore new items.  

Taste Testers  

Stop chewing before it starts by removing temptation and rewarding good behavior.   

Discourage Destruction 

Dog-Safe Yard Fun Zone