Dog Breeds That Don't Bark a Lot

Known as the "barkless" dog, Basenjis yodel and make other vowel-like noises rather than barking.


Frenchies rarely bark without good reason, preferring playfulness and snuggles over vocality.   

French Bulldog  

Sweet-tempered Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will guard their family while remaining one of the quieter breeds.  

Cavalier KCS   

Surprisingly calm indoors, Italian Greyhounds are quiet companions that keep barking minimal.

Italian Greyhound  

The loyal and relaxed Akita temperament translates to less barking than many watchdog breeds.   


Bred as sled dogs, Chinooks have more interest in running than barking when exercised enough.  


Despite their size, Great Danes are known as "gentle giants" for their docile, quiet dispositions.  

Great Dane

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