Calming a Stressed or Scared Dog  

Use a soft, reassuring tone when talking and avoid tense body language. Familiar, calm voices reduce stress chemicals.   

Speak Soothingly  

Research shows certain music designed for dogs reduces barking, whimpering, panting and shaking from noise phobias, separation anxiety.

Play Calming Music

Apply a ThunderShirt or pressure garment to provide continuous gentle squeeze that makes dogs feel secure. 

Apply Pressure Wraps  

Synthetic pheromones mimic natural maternal pheromones to signal comfort and safety. Diffuse or spray in dog's environment.  

Appeasing Pheromones  

Foods like meat, cottage cheese and eggs help produce calming amino acids in the brain while distracting with a lick mat.

Offer High Protein Snacks 

Gentle petting, light pressure and slow strokes along the back, ears and chest has a relaxing effect.

Give Massages

Minimizing external triggers like loud noises or visual input helps lower reactive behavior.  

Limit Stimulus  

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