Calmest Dogs for New Owners

Known for being mellow and low energy indoors, bulldogs make devoted companions.


Pugs adore being with their people. Their affectionate and gentle personality continues into adulthood, making them one of the best dogs for beginners. 


Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds are couch potatoes by nature. Sweet and mild-mannered, they transition well into home life.


Despite their large size, mastiffs are gentle giants with their families. Their mild manner and moderate activity needs make them suitable for new owners.


Bassets are happy to lounge around all day. Their affectionate personality and moderate exercise needs work well for novice dog parents.  

Basset Hound 

Bernese mountain dogs form close bonds with their people. They tend to be calm and eager to please, making them great for new pet owners.

Bernese Mt. Dog

By starting with a mellow breed, first-timers can better learn the ropes of dog ownership. Consider these 8 options as you pick your new best friend!

Wrap Up

Top Friendly Dogs for Active Households